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Are you a software requirement practitioner? Do you have questions and perhaps a few answers? Would you like to interact with other practitioners in discussing requirement challenges?

Join a Zoom video discussion group for software requirement practitionersThe group will ask questions and share experiences and insights about specific topics of the group’s choosing. Please let your practitioner colleagues know about the group.  Although the group is primarily for practitioners, other contributors are invited as well.

The target length of a group meeting is 45 minutes with a maximum of 60 minutes.

The start time will be 11:00 AM Central US time.

The maximum number of active participants is 49 and the maximum number of inactive participants is (100 – actives).

I intend to put an edited recording of each discussion on my YouTube channel. Recordings will be indexed by the topics and questions discussed. Eventually, an index will be created for the set of recordings.


  • No product pitches
  • Use first names and forgive mispronunciations
  • Ask to join in an email to
    • Please include topics you would like to hear others share and you would like to share.
    • Say if you plan to be an active participant, otherwise you will be permanently muted unless the total participant count is less than 50.
    • If you have a preference, identify days that work best for you.