ClearSpecs mission is to increase project success by promoting clear, verified, and risk-managed requirements.

ClearSpecs Enterprises was founded in late 2001 as a privately-held company, based in Minnesota. It is now an Arizona corporation.


David Gelperin - Founder

David Gelperin is Chief Technology Officer & President of ClearSpecs Enterprises. He has more than 50 years experience in software engineering with an emphasis on system requirements and software quality, verification, and testing (SQVT).

During the last 15 years, David has focused on requirements specification and verification. Before that, David was an SQVT consultant/mentor and instructor (16 yrs), quality support manager (5 yrs), verification lead (2 yrs), project lead (2 yrs), and programmer (5 yrs). He has consulted for both commercial and in-house software development organizations.

In 1986, David co-founded Software Quality Engineering (now Techwell) (, the leading provider of software quality information worldwide. He also catalyzed the launch of Better Software magazine.

After majoring in math at Carleton College (1964), David received an MS (1970) and PhD (1973) in Computer Science from the Ohio State University.